Young Family History – Formula 1

A. Stuard Young, Jr., father of team G.M. Steve Young and Grandfather of Team Owner Matt Young, was Legal Counsel for the Chesterfield sponsored BS Fabrications Formula One team that competed in F1 from 1976-1978. In 1977 he was approached with an opportunity to invest in the team. After accepting the proposal Stuard became a minority owner of the team.

The team was founded by Bob Sparshott, a former engineer at Lotus who had worked with Jim Clark and Graham Hill. They first entered F1 in 1976, with a Surtees TS19 chassis for Henri Pescarolo. In 1977 the team ran a March 761 and later a McLaren M23 for American Brett Lunger. Prior to the 1978 season the team tested the new McLaren M26, but decided to run the M23 with returning driver Lunger due to familiarity and reliability of the older yet proven chassis.  After a few races, the team switched to the M26, which later allowed them to campaign the older McLaren M23 for eventual 3-time World Champion Nelson Piquet of Brazil. The drive was Piquet’s first in Formula One. The team competed on Goodyear tires and with Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8 engines all three seasons. Following the 1978 season the teams F1 operation was sold, but the team continued to compete in British F1,  F2, and F3000, under the name BS Automotive, ultimately winning the F3000 championship with  Christian Danner in 1985.